Where are the training funds going?

From October 2015 to October 2017, the police department has spent $561,620 on police training.  Of those funds, FOP unit members (1238 eligible) have used $256,053; police management (61 eligible) have used $153,284; and non-sworn personnel (810 eligible) have used $152,282. If you break these numbers down, that is $206 per FOP member, $2,512 per police manager, and $189 per non-sworn personnel. 

The chart below is an example of where police management funds are going.  Recently, a training committee (consisting of 4 assistant chiefs) approved police management (shown below) to attend high priced trainings. Meanwhile, FOP members were denied the same training due to a “lack of funds”.  If you look closely at the diagram below, you will see how each training links back to Tom Manger.  He is currently the president of Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA) and vice president of the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF). Within the past three years, police management has spent $93,910 to attend conferences and trainings at MCCA and PERF.  Luther Reynolds alone attended 6 of these conferences and trainings, costing the County $9,482.  This does not include his scholarship as a class leader to attend PERF ($9,300 value). Training opportunities need to be fair to all, not just a select few.


training diagram.png