Tom Mangers retirement - Press Release

Today, Tom Manger announced through a press release that he has decided, after a long 15 years, to retire with full benefits, from the Montgomery County Police Department. During his time with the Montgomery County Police Department, Tom Manger made several accomplishments. He assisted Mr. Richard Leotta, father of slain officer Noah Leotta, in Annapolis with Noah’s law which was passed in 2016. He also worked to improve several police buildings with the new construction of a police headquarters, training academy, as well as the 2nd and 3rd district police stations. He also resurrected the Montgomery County Police Cadet program. 

Tom Manger is an admired political figure in the community. He served on a number of boards and served as the President of the Major Cities Police Chiefs. In an effort to be more transparent with the community and the public at large, Tom Manger collaborated with FOP Lodge 35 to implement a body worn camera program, which was one of the first successfully negotiated programs in the United States. 

Unfortunately, while serving as the Director of the Police Department, Tom Manger was often unwilling to cooperatively work with FOP Lodge 35 to accomplish more. During his tenure, Tom Manger illegally transferred a K-9 officer and tried to prevent him from adopting his K-9 partner, Chip. He allowed the displacement of pregnant officers with no regard to their rights. He allowed officers to be denied much needed leave. 

Moreover, Tom Manger did not have the decency to communicate his retirement to the working police officers of Montgomery County. These officers were notified through today’s media press release.

We wish Tom Manger luck in his future endeavors and look forward to a new Director of the Police Department that is willing to work collaboratively with FOP 35 to protect our communities and our police officers.


FOP Lodge 35